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    The critical process, as well as the parts for semiconductor device, which  should be used in high temperature, vacuum and corrosive gas environment, require clean and dustless environment. However, precision ceramic material could maintain high stability in complicated physical and chemical environment. Semiconductor ceramic part we produced with wear resistance, corrosion resistance, low thermal expansion, insulation is made from 99.5% alumina ceramic and shaped by cold isostatic pressing, high temperature sintering and precision machining and polishing, can meet the stringent requirements of parts for semiconductor equipment.

Material: Alumina Ceramic

Dimension: 149*40*5 mm

Ceramic End Effector

Material: Alumina ceramic

Dimension: φ273.05*φ196.69*42.926 mm

Focus Ring

Description: 5'' Ceramic Focus Ring

Material: 99.5% Alumina 

Dimension: φ242*φ121.2*20.5 mm

Ceramic Focus Ring

Material: Alumina ceramic

Dimension: 204.1*70*1.62 mm

Ceramic End Effector

Description: Clamp Ring

Material: 99.5% Alumina

Dimension: φ444*φ326*14 mm

Ceramic Clamp Ring

Material: Alumina ceramic

Dimension: φ200*φ110*22 mm

Filtering Plate

Material: Alumina ceramic

Dimension: φ245*φ195.3*61 mm

Insulating Protection Ring


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